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Turn Your Vision into Reality - Niebee provides end-to-end solutions that prove the full software development life cycle.

Design. Develop. Deploy.

Niebee is a complete application development consultancy for startups and companies who are struggling to find the tech talent they need to advance in today’s high-tech web and mobile landscape.

Niebee is a full-stack development team, focused on web and mobile app development, project planning and enterprise IT solutions that can take your business further.

Your business is a growing concern. As it grows, you will need digital tools that will scale with you, not hold you back. Mobile app technology is integral in this day and age, as it delivers the kind of user experience that your customers not only appreciate, but will come to count on.

As technology advances and continues to flood the market in this space, Niebee is your best asset in engaging these improvements, giving you the kind of momentum you need to stay ahead of your competition, and the scalability to support growth of any magnitude.

If you are serious about your digital future, drop us a line today. Our developer/engineers are always ready to talk about how we can bring your vision to life. Contact us.

More Details

Having our experience on your side is like having the secret service of technology and a nuclear missile in your arsenal. Niebee has a deep knowledge of all phases of the software development life-cycle focused on both consumer and enterprise software solutions. From requirements gathering to defining product goals, fleshing out product road maps, designing application architecture, OOP, relational database design, ORM, integration, and production deployments through release iterations, we always deliver on time and on budget.

We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled technical leadership through cross-functional collaboration at all levels of the product lifecycle, translating your business objectives into actionable technical solutions with a “team first” philosophy that is focused on strong communications in both the start-up and enterprise spaces.

Our Unique Experience

As technology evolved in the web and mobile space, we noticed a growing need for developers with full-stack LAMP programming and design expertise. We realized it was high time that the world had access to those next-generation skills and design chops that could take them to the next level.

With the digital landscape evolving almost on a daily basis, offering this level of service requires a special skillset and mindset, one that is 100% focused on developing and leveraging modern technologies, best practices, scalable architectures, robust designs and top-tier developers to deliver the kinds of advances that will position our clients as business leaders in their respective industries, helping them stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Our Core Services

Niebee is a growing and profitable company. We are 100% bootstrapped and strategically positioned in a niche within the IT Space. In a nutshell we help B2B (mostly Saas) companies scale their business by providing a team of highly skilled members. Our clients include everything from startups to fortune 100 companies. Our focus is exclusively on supporting the needs of the worlds fast-growing companies.

Our Process

Niebee is all about the process. With technology as our muse, we build each layer of your development stack like a super-structure, with each line of code providing a foundation for the next.

  • Your Vision

    It’s all about you. We dive deep into your vision, providing our guidance and expertise to take it even further.

  • Our Team

    We think in lines of code – or at least, so it would seem. Our passion, our dedication and our deep connection to tomorrow’s technology are the fuel for your fire.

  • Partnership

    Our relationship doesn’t end when your app launches; we’re with you every step of the way, making sure you are completely satisfied with our performance from end to end.

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